that transforms
experiences you didn’t know
about, into stories your friends will.

of experiences

We’re on a mission to create a user-driven community and marketplace for connecting smallscale providers, with a secret knowledge and a love of places, to experience-goers everywhere looking for niche experiences.

That’s why we’re building an end-to-end digital platform that supports a world where smallscale producers around the globe can be visible, empowered in their livelihoods, and connected to experience-goers.

We are the friend that knows all the cool spots and hooks you up, even if it’s last minute. Helping you feel like a local, anywhere you go. Opening your eyes to new possibilities, we promise to be the hand that reaches back and beckons you onto a path you’ve never taken.

Our promise is a realm of calm excitement. An introduction to booking activities organised by a new community of people, each one eager to share their secret adventures.

We are heyloft - the unexpected hug.

A fun and somewhat nondescript illustration with interactive movement.

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• the unexpected hug

• the unexpected hug

• the unexpected hug